Dressing The Groom - Beach Wedding Article

So you have booked your dream wedding in the Caribbean and you are busy making plans for the big day.

With much of the attention focused on what the bride and bridesmaids are going to wear, the groom’s attire would seem to take a back seat. However it is your special day as well and it is vital that you look and feel great.

There are a variety of stylish looks for grooms envisaging a traditional wedding or a more casual beach ceremony. But which ever style you go for there are a number of things to consider and keep in mind when planning your outfit:

What location have you chosen for your ceremony: On a sandy beach or near the beach? On a windy dock or in a botanical garden?

Each of these locations will undoubtedly affect the decisions you make regarding your wedding outfit. A Beach wedding might not require shoes, but might require an under-vest to prevent the unattractive underarm evidence of a hot beating sun. A botanical garden wedding might affect your choice of colours – you don’t want your wedding photo’s to show up a clash between your Aloha shirt and the tropical foliage around you.

The style of your bride’s gown, whether it be formal, or casual should match your chosen attire... try to keep everything coordinated.

Think about your photos and about the longevity of your look into the future, those photo’s are going to last a long time!

Here are a few ideas and styles to consider that might work for you in a Caribbean setting:

Formal: navy blazer and cream coloured trousers topped off with a crisp white shirt. Add a dark tie to this look for that dashing JFK style.

Formal: a two piece suit in lightweight fabrics and pale shades ie. Ivory linen suit.

Informal: A light linen shirt and black trousers is a simple but elegant style.

Casual: cream shorts and a shirt will create a very relaxed mood. For a truly tropical slant you could wear a Cuban Guayabera or an Aloha shirt to jazz up your outfit.

Whatever you choose, a little bit of careful planning will ensure your outfit matches your wedding plans, and suits your environment.


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