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Why a Destination Wedding?

There are so many absolutely fabulous destinations that could host your 'getting hitched' ceremony. If you're a free-spirit with an adventurous side and a twinkle in your eye, planning your wedding away from home may just be the definition of 'perfect day' for you and your partner.

I mean think about it.

Limited guests - Not to mention the fact that guests on vacation seem to be A LOT more cooperative.

Less Planning - Now a vacation wedding in paradise doesn't mean that you're completely off the hook but so long as you book a wedding planner from your destination of choice, you will be able to make most of your decisions while sipping an ice-cold cocktail by the pool!

Less Clothes...period - Before, during and afterwards and that's all we're gonna say.

Two in One - You've got your honeymoon incorporating into your 'I do's.'

No Stressing - In some faraway paradise, you are stuck with what you've got. You don't have to be a slave to your blackberry or have one hundred and one places to go to make certain every single detail is taken care of. Your only stress may be deciding which beverage you'd like to try next and whether you're going to wear your hot pink bikini or go 'au natural!'

No Cleanup - After the festivities, you do not need to worry about cleaning up or returning rentals. The resort staff takes care of everything.

You Call the Shots - There are no 'backseat talkers' when you're on vacation. Ornery Aunt Helga likely won't come and if she does she won't be arriving until just before you say 'I do.'

Casual Attire Preferred - This one suits everybody. If you want to go traditional with a beautiful white gown, you'll definitely grab the spotlight. On the other hand you can look just as stunning in a tasteful sundress or evening gown and heels aren't required! Your guests can scale down a few notches also if you'd like.

That's a good thing because there's less of a chance a an outdated 80's prom dress making an appearance.

Relaxed Atmosphere - When people are on vacation, they seem to be able to leave everyday stresses behind. That's when the guards go down and clothes come off! Ohps...I mean the party starts happening!

Complaints to Allowed - If there does happen to be a scrooge in your crowd and they've got a complaint to make, just point them in the direction of the front desk. It's their job to make sure the guest gets his/her way.

Your Don't Have to BE Anywhere - Except of course to say 'I do.' After that you can go somewhere or nowhere, the choice is yours!

Are you convinced yet? Barbados, Belize, Jamaica and St. Lucia are just a couple of the top vacation wedding destinations, where magic happens again and again.

My advice to you? Start doing a bit of research by searching the four hot spots for vacation weddings that I've mentioned.

Find the one you like best and book it. Don't think about it just do it. Doing this will bring you one step closer to paradise and there's only good in that!


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